Hey, my name is DANIEL!

I'm a 17 year old mixed black AroAceSpec transhet man (he/him+)! I'm neurodivergent and physically disabled as well! Alongside that, I am mentally ill (schizophrenia + others).

I absolutely love old web stuff and try to implement that style here! More stuff about me below ...

(For Twitter users) ... Scroll!

BYF: I reclaim the N and Q slurs. I engage in discourse. I'm not good at dms if we aren't close. Don't use the /nm tag on me, it makes me feel as if you're actually mad. If I don't respond immediately, I might be resting (I have chronic fatigue). I'm very forgetful and have trouble with social cues. DM me if I said something wrong/problematic, or if I follow someone who is bad.

DNI: Basic DNI, RadFem/TERF, (no)MAP, ZOO, proshipper or neutral, believe blackwashing and/or reverse racism is real, DSMP/MCYT fan or liker, South Park fan, exclus or rad-inclus, mspec lesbian/gay supporter, intersexist, think you are me (fictives not included), anti-recovery, EDtwt/SHtwt/NSFWtwt.
Proud to be part of the